Refreshment Stations
Distance Signs
Personal Items Storage

Refreshment Stations

Along the course of Half Marathon there will be refreshment stations from 5th km and every 2,5 km where bottle water will be provided. At the refreshment stations of 7,5 km mark and 17,5 km mark there will be isotonic drink as well.

For 5 km runners, bottle water will be available at the refreshment station of 2,5 km mark.

Bottled water will be available to all runners at the finish, plus isotonic drink for the Half Marathon runners.

At the stations there will be authorized persons to contact in case of any emergency.

Distance Signs

Along the course there will be Distance Signs in every kilometer.

Bag storage service

Participants in Half Marathon & 5 km can leave their dry clothes at the specially shaped space for storage at Spianada square.

Runners have to leave their stuff inside the Event’s sport bag after placing on it the sticker with their participation number that they will find in their race pack.

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