How to register

On-line Registrations will be accepted until Monday 23 of September 2019.

Thereafter, if there are available participations, one can apply for the run of their choice at the Registration Centre.

The Registration Centre will operate on Friday and Saturday 27 and 28 of September from 11:00 – 19:00 in O.C. offices.

Types of participation


Adult participants can register individually while minors’ individual registrations must be submitted by their parents or guardians.

Online Registration

For your online registration please select the race of your choice and press the corresponding button.

Half Marathon


5 km. Race


3 km. Race


1 km. Race


Team, groups of six individuals or more

Team registration is intended for athletic clubs, road-running clubs, health clubs, companies, schools, private and public organizations, travel clubs and also for groups of individuals who simply wish to participate as a group.

Each team must register a Team Leader. The Team Leader represents the team for all issues and communications with the organizers.

The Team leader is the first to make their registration. Thereafter he/she will receive an e-mail with the instructions for the registration of the team members.

Online registration of team leader
For the online registration of the team leader please select the race of your choice and press the corresponding button.

Half Marathon


5 km. Race


3 km. Race


Participation Benefits

  • BIB Number (with runner’s name printed, if the payment is completed before the 13 of September 2019 applicable on Half Marathon and 5 km)

  • Electronic chip timekeeping

  • Official T-shirt of the event

  • Medal

  • Finish line photographs with runners’ name & time (applicable on Half Marathon and 5 km)

  • Digital participation certificates

  • Bag storage service

  • High quality medical support

  • Refreshment stations along the courses with drinks and supplements

  • Full high standards athletes’ services

Cost of Registration

For Half Marathon, the registration fee is 15 euro for individual participations and for teams and clubs it’s 12 euro.

For 5 km, the individual registration has a cost of 12 euro and for teams and clubs it’s 10 euro.

For 3 km the registration fee is 8 euro and for teams and clubs it’s 5 euro.

For 1 km the registration fee is 5 euro for everyone.

Registrations of minors come under the cost of teams.

Payment Methods

1. Payment with Credit Card.
Following your online registration through the registration system, you will meet a payment option for credit card.

2. Deposit of the registration fee directly into the Organizing Committee’s bank account.

Bank Account: EUROBANK
IBAN: GR80 0260 3580 0000 0020 0237 992

Please note: APOSTOLOS PAPAPOSTOLOU & SIA OE is responsible for managing subscriptions on behalf of DOPAP Corfu. Registration fees will be transfered to DOPAP Corfu after the event.

Please note: Bank charges related with the deposits are borne by the depositor.

In order for your registration to be valid you have to:

  • Deposit the exact amount of the registration fee, no later than 3 days after your applications’ submission.
  • Clearly identifying on the “reason for payment” the name of the participant and the run applied for.

Send a copy of the deposit slip via email to

In the next few days an email confirming your registration will be sent.

If you do not receive the confirmation email after the payment of the entry fee, please contact us.

Cancellations are not accepted after the Event date as well as there is no ability of race pack pick up.

3. Payment in cash

Simultaneously with registration application in person.
This can be done at Organizing Committee office or during the operation of the Registration Centre.